Everything We Want From Tiffanys Indulgent New Home Line

Dated: 12/04/2017

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Okay, so Tiffany & Co.’s new Everyday Objects line is a little over the top. While we wouldn’t normally advise spending $95 on replica paper cups made of china (pictured), luxury does come with the brand's name. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to receive something in one of those famous little blue boxes, you know that Tiffany’s is synonymous with elegance, luxury, and extravagance... so their new home accessories line would be no exception.  

The collection’s motto is “beautiful things shouldn’t just live in a drawer.” So, the brand has invested in making ultra upscale versions of traditional home and office supplies that are so pretty, they almost beg to be put on display. Using only the finest materials—like sterling silver, enamel, and wood—each piece is like its own work of art, and it’s going to come at a cost. After living out your innermost Holly Golightly dreams at The 
Blue Box Cafe, maybe splurge a little and bring the glam life home with you.

Twin Bell Alarm Clock, $500
Whether you're using it as a piece of decor or actually want to start your day with a touch of Tiffany, it doesn't matter: This alarm clock is inspired by an actual wearable watch.

 Rose Gold Crazy Straw, $350
We get it: Spending a few hundred dollars on a single straw seems a bit unrealistic, but these whimsically designed sippers are just too cute. They're available in gold, rose gold, and sterling silver, with a pop of signature Tiffany blue on the end, and are bound to seriously dress up your drink.

 Silver "Paper" Plate, $950
Reimagining the traditional paper plate, this modern Tiffany silver edition makes any food look like a work of art. 

 Domino Set, $1,500
Warm walnut and sterling silver make this traditional game ultra high end. 

 Wave Box, $650
Another one of Tiffany's simple, yet iconic Elsa Peretti designs, this shiny box would look stunning perched on a dressing table or vanity. Plus, it's the perfect space to store some of your other Tiffany favorites. 

 Diamond Point Pitcher, $250
A simple, classic pitcher with geometric design, this is the perfect addition to any table. 

 Table Tennis Paddles, $650
Ping pong, anyone? These leather paddles turn a traditional game into a super luxurious alternative, thanks to the signature Tiffany blue faces and silver "T&Co." logo on the handles.

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